Welcome Emile Cambry!

We would like to give Emile Cambry a warm welcome to Solve Smart Cities. The future of our world depends on social enterprise startups and nonprofits. Collective impact is the buzzword everyone uses to ensure fitting groups are partnering better. These two ideas summarize why Emile Cambry is excited to join us. Not one person, not one nonprofit, nor one company can alone solve the problems our world faces. Together we can collectively make the best impact possible by partnering. Solve’s goal is to do that first in the workforce development space.

We are excited and so is Emile. Here is a short blurb from Emile:

With social impact finance around the corner, we (Solve Smart Cities) can build something five years ahead of its time.  Our roadmap for new products evolve from software product as Phase 1, to data analytics as Phase 2, to something we can automate as Phase 3.

By reading the below list of just some of Emile’s accomplishments; you will see how lucky we are to have him on our team. We are looking to be the tech team that partners all workforce nonprofits and the Government. Exciting times ahead!

Here are a handful of amazing things Emile has done in the last year:

Highlights: My 2016 Year in Review: Testified for Congress, 60 articles about BLUE1647, 22 Awards, 5 Trips to the White House, New York Times feature, Root 100 Award, SXSW Award, Chicago Innovation Award, Chicago Inno 50 on Fire, 2 Resolutions, 1 Law passed, 1 Film Festival, and a Hackathon in 8 states. WHAT A YEAR! Thank you everyone for your support and allowing me to chronicle the journey.

Nelly stopped by the office in St. Louis. Yeah, that Nelly.

My mother and I were featured on TV One’s Change Agents: History in the Making

Keynote at a Young Mens Conference

9 Tech Leaders in Chicago you should meet

Did my first live talk show in front of a studio audience

Received a SXSW Dewey Award as a top social innovator in the world

Received a Cook County Resolution for contributions to making Cook County better, by Cook County Commissioner Chuy Garcia.

Featured in the Root for getting my tech inspiration from Afro Futurism

Featured in PolicyLink for our ability to inspire public policy change

Received a Resolution by the Missouri House of Representatives, sponsored by State Representative Courtney Curtis.


Had an Illinois law passed through our organization, Social Change

Recognized as the Root 100, top 100 most influential Black Americans.

Testified in front of Congress on Federal IT Spending

We had the best month ever in the history diversity in tech

Appointed to the Cook County Commision on Social Innovation

Appointed to the Polsky Council, the Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation for the University of Chicago.

We won the Chicago Inno 50 on Fire

Visited the White House 5 times in 2016

The White House did a presentation and event at BLUE1647

The United States Department of Commerce held an event at BLUE1647

A Portrait of Emile Cambry by Jeff Sciortino

Out With the Old And in With the New – Where the Future Of Non-Profit Funding is headed

Moving away from angel investing and venture capitalism opens the door to the limitless potential for resources existent in the Midwest and greater Chicago area. This progressive model is consistent with the Silicon Valley culture of deal flow sharing. The Midwest and Silicone Valley both value their tight-knit culture, which allows companies to quickly and easily gain resources in exchange for the opportunity of a long-term relationship, which mutually benefits both parties.

Thus far, the Midwest has provided copious opportunities for investors and for-profit entrepreneurs to engage in collaborative growth. Non-profits can look to the same tradition of Midwestern community values to combat the significant decrease of government spending in this sector.

Non-profits face numerous challenges when generating revenue. Non-profits must cultivate true partnerships, align with appropriate parties, establish cohesion between team leaders, navigate an extremely limited market, and create alternative revenue generation pathways during more stagnant periods. This list is by no way all encompassing, but highlights some hardships Solve Smart Cities aims to alleviate in the non-profit world.

Philanthropists and foundations are conventionally known to exclusively give grants to non-profit organizations that prove their positive impact. Quantifying impact is crucial to philanthropy today. Measuring the impact of a given non-profit is difficult due to the structure of a typical non-profit team. Understaffed teams typically work overtime just to ensure their non-profit venture stays afloat, leaving little to no time and resources to dedicate to creating a quota of impact.

The goal of Solve Smart Cities is to be the sales team for workforce development nonprofits. Solve Smart Cities wishes to be the new revenue maker for nonprofits by partnering proper groups and proving their positive impact to the Government. Government grants for non-profits are disappearing (2005 and 2013) and Solve Smart Cities is the solution.

We invite you to follow up and to help us grow awareness by sharing your passion for Chicago. Stand with us as we strive to partner workforce development nonprofits such as Cara, i.c. stars, Ideal Candidate and ReWork.