Beyond Job Training

The path to securing employment can be difficult to navigate. Job training services can be instrumental in helping people qualify for open positions and learn interview skills to land job offers.

Metropolitan Family Services, a Chicago-based nonprofit that provides services to strengthen families and communities, offers clients a variety of job readiness programs to help clients secure jobs. Their services help people improve the quality of their work, lifestyle, and finances, including resume coaching and interview practice. They also offer a suite of programs designed to assist with personal finance and income support. In addition, Metropolitan Family Services offers training and certification programs to help people gain skills and credentials for technical jobs.

However, job training is often not the only service their clients need. Many times, people are looking for services beyond their scope — such as counseling, domestic violence support, entrepreneurial training, and more.

As a member of Englewood Women’s Initiative, Metropolitan Family Services is part of a strong network of partner organizations that provide comprehensive services, with the intent of referring clients to partner organizations to fill gaps.

Judith Scott is the lead for the Englewood Women’s Initiative program at Metropolitan Family Services. She works with clients to see what needs they have beyond job training and helps ensure that they get connected to other services.

One challenge that Scott faces is keeping track of which services clients need and following up after clients are connected with partner organizations.

Solve can help organizations address this challenge. Solve facilitates these types of interactions between nonprofits to improve communication and tracking across service providers. Our digital platform helps streamline referrals between organizations and measures their collective impact. We make it easy for nonprofits to connect clients to all of the services, jobs, and resources available throughout the city.

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