Brand new features on Solve!

Hi Solve-ers!

We’ve been busy at Solve the past few months! You know what that means? Hot-off-the-press newfunctions, shortcuts, and tools! We have a bunch of cool updates, all designed to make your life even easier. Take a look below to see the latest in our software:

1. Client invitations


Now you can decide whether or not you want to contact a client when you create their profile. If you do want to contact them, you can select the preferred method (phone, email) and create a customized message to the client.

2. Group activity report


Track interactions with many clients in a single place. So, if 20 clients came to a meeting and you want to record that in the system, you don’t have to create 20 different separate activity reports. Log it once and you’re done!

3. Separate inactive clients


You can now see which clients are active and which are inactive in side-by-side lists. Ah, clarity.

4. Referral descriptions


We wanted to increase transparency in the referral process, so now when you make a referral, you  can share the specific needs of your client. This way, you can help your counterpart quickly get up to speed on your client’s case.

5. Outgoing referrals


Outgoing referrals have been a little difficult to keep track of previously. We heard you, so we added a section where you could see all your outgoing referrals, located right next to your incoming referrals. Keep track of who you referred, where you referred them, and whether or not your referral has been accepted.

6. Outgoing referral cancellation


Made a mistake with your outgoing referral? No problem! You can now cancel an outgoing referral before it’s accepted.

7. Job-specific resumes


Remember how you could only upload one resume for your clients? We fixed that. Now, you can upload resumes for specific jobs. Tailored resumes rule!

Other updates include:

8. Client assignment notification: We’re all about keeping your organization informed, so we added a new feature that notifies staff members when a client has been assigned to them.

9. Client phone numbers: If a text message to a client’s phone doesn’t work, we will alert all everyone connected to the client of the number’s failure, keeping everyone involved on the same page.

10. Direct job referrals: You can now directly refer your clients to jobs! That means no more sending clients a job opportunity and waiting for them to accept or decline it (but, don’t worry–those options are still available).

11. Organizations can add multiple addresses: We took into account that many organizations have several locations for different programming. Now you can specify locations to show where your programs are located.

12. Clients filtered by program: Before, case managers defaulted to seeing all the clients of their organization, even those in other programs. We heard you that this sometimes made it hard to find the clients you needed, so now you default to seeing only clients most relevant to you (in your programs, or assigned directly to you, depending on your permission levels within your organization). But don’t worry, you can still change the filter settings if you need to see other clients.

Onward and upward,

Reid Compton
Head of product

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