Rush Hospital: A paragon of community engagement

Established in 1837, Rush Hospital is a staple of Chicago healthcare and education. As it’s connected to the Rush University school system, the institution is a destination for learning and academia, alongside quality treatment that extends to the wider community. This excellence is largely recognized—Rush University Medical Center has been ranked number 4 on a list of the top academic medical centers in the U.S. for several years. At its core, the Rush family is a paragon of true community centeredness in the
greater Chicago area.

Michael Jones, the Manager of Community Programs at Rush University Medical Center, attests to Rush’s focus, particularly around talent, in Chicago’s local communities. Jones states that his role in Rush is to help build out strategies around hiring efforts to provide the greatest access for community members. This effort has been branded as Anchor Mission. Through its employment endeavors, Rush continues to stand with Chicago’s communities, which is one of the main reasons Rush chooses to utilize the Solve platform.

Jones cites Solve’s ability to connect Rush University Medical Center with other community-based organizations in Chicago as the leading factor for incorporating Solve into its hiring process. Rush uses Solve as a tool for engaging with the community, reflective of the medical hub’s macro mission statement: “to improve the health of the people and the diverse communities it serves through the integration of outstanding patient care, education, and research and community partnerships.” With Solve integrated into Rush’s Anchor Mission hiring practices, the health entity is able to continue to positively impact the community and continue to improve their already fantastic quality of care for each and every patient.

Michael Jones believes in the power of Solve to help attain Rush’s larger goals. He believes that  “providing employment opportunities is not just about filling an open position, it is about impacting your community—both internal team members and external candidates.” With this overarching conviction, Rush uses Solve as a data collection resource to improve candidate experience, inform growth decisions, produce influential reports, and ultimately change the lives of community residents and company employees.

Solve is more than just a software, it can be an essential means to improving community, both inside and outside of your organization.

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