Changing the Narrative by Derrick Rowe, Owner of Mabe’s Deli


Derrick Rowe


The owner of Mabe’s Deli, Derrick, was born and raised in Chicago. As a member of law enforcement for twenty-two years, including eight years in the Chicago police force, Derrick has noticed a lot of things that goes on in the South Side of Chicago. Specifically, he realized that a lot of youths in the area need assistance or guidance. This is not unfamiliar to him, as Derrick also faced a similar story–– he grew up in public housing, his mother was a drug addict, and he didn’t know his father. Noticing progressions in other neighborhoods throughout Chicago, Derrick decided that “it bothers [him] that we cannot have this type of environment on 75th street.” This feeling is how Mabe’s Deli was born. Derrick created a space where people can interact; Mabe’s Deli follows an open concept. Speaking of the ideas behind Mabe’s, Derrick elaborated, “I want people to know that we want to communicate with them and we just don’t want to sell you something.” Named after Derrick’s grandparents’, “Mayberry”, Mabe’s Deli is certainly special and embodies a vision of inclusion, trust, and opportunity that transmit throughout the shop. That is why hiring the right staff would be a selective and important process. Derrick reached out to Matt, CEO and founder of Solve, after meeting through mutual friends. Describing that he was seeking for individuals to help with the labor costs of opening a new business, Solve provided qualified job candidates to choose from. Matt helped Derrick in deciphering some of the individuals and their goals. Of these individuals, Paris stood out for her vision, passion, and energy. She was the perfect candidate, and after being hired, “She helped bring Mabe’s Deli to be what it is today.” The ease and intricateness of Solve’s software made it easy to identity her as the perfect fit.

Derrick, the owner of Mabe’s Deli, opened up the business on 75th Street of Chicago, with the idea of providing an open space for the community. Working in law enforcement for twenty-two years, he observed the youth in the area needed assistance and guidance, as they shared similar childhoods to his. Derrick grew up in public housing, his mother was a drug addict, and he didn’t know his father. Deciding that their backgrounds should not stop them from having the same types of resources and dining experiences, as people in other areas, Mabe’s Deli was opened with an open concept. As a new business owner, Derrick reached out to Solve for help in finding the perfect employee that embodies the vision that Derrick has of Mabe’s Deli. Solve’s intuitive, creative, and comprehensive software allowed this vetting process to be smooth and seamless. Derrick hired Paris, whose passion and energy brings personality, speed, and customers to the deli, creating a special space for the community of 75th Street.

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