Changing the Narrative: South Loop to South Shore

University of Chicago, South Shore Chamber of Commerce, Teamwork Englewood, and Bright Star Community Outreach’s Greater Bronzeville Neighborhood Network team up with Solve to bring together and Change the Narrative of the entire South Side.

Opportunities are the solution. For far too long, South Side residents have lacked access to larger networks that increase their social capital. Imagine if a  South Side Chicago resident could create one profile online and apply to over 300 jobs and 100 nonprofit resources. Not just that–– what if the Chicagoan already has a soft introduction waiting for the employer as well?

Imagine the placements, the stories, and the collective impact that would be created!

Founder and CEO of Solve, Matt Strauss, expresses, “Our team is grateful to be working with innovators and changemakers from South Loop to South Shore. We are learning that the city wants to come together, but that takes a lot of time. Solve is becoming a tool that saves time by connecting people to jobs and social services to increase our collective impact across Chicago!”

We are grateful to be working with organizations across the entire South Side of Chicago. Together, we believe that we can bring all of the South Side nonprofits and employers onto Solve by September 1st.  

Below are some quotes of how organizations and institutions are changing the narrative in their neighborhood:

Mark Mitchell of Teamwork Englewood mentioned:

“We are in the business of transforming lives at Teamwork Englewood’s Re-entry program. Our guys deserve a second chance and that’s what we provide them. Solve allows us to double down on providing even more opportunities and resources.”

Kathy Cullick of Greater Bronzeville Neighborhood Network mentioned:

“We are always looking at ways of building relationships that turn into resources for the residents within our reach. It’s exciting to bring all of our organizations and residents together in Bronzeville through a digital platform”

Tonya Trice of South Shore Chamber mentioned:

“Solve provides a valuable resource that helps to level the playing field for qualified job seekers across the city to compete for gainful employment.  We’re always looking for new innovative solutions to serve our clients and Matt Strauss has given us that advantage with Solve.”

Change does not have to be gradual–– Solve provides the tools needed to exponentially connect Chicago’s businesses, job candidates, and nonprofits seamlessly.

It’s not just us, Chicago needs corporations and the private sector to take responsibility. We must innovate our hiring practices together!

We can change the narrative.

The west side is next!

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