Telling the Right Story as a B2B Social Enterprise

Chances are if you’re a social enterprise, you aren’t just a company or software but a vision for positive change and impact.

Your customers want to join you in your mission, not feel preyed upon by corporate interests. 

Your marketing should showcase that. Corporate testimonials, while effective, will not work for you.

You’ll look like a generic software company hungry to make a profit. 

That was exactly what we looked like.

Our marketing was encompassed around corporate testimonials from companies like Microsoft, Rush, and Lasalle Network.

We realized that our mission, vision, and story weren’t being shared.

So we started our new marketing campaign: 

Changing the Narrative

If you’re a social enterprise it’s important for you to share the right story that highlights your purpose and vision. 

Why a Story of Purpose and Vision is Important for a Social Enterprise:

Nearly two-thirds (63%) of surveyed global consumers prefer to purchase products and services from companies that stand for a purpose that reflects their own values and beliefs, according to new Accenture research

This should be your bread and butter–– you’re a social enterprise. You’re by definition purpose and impact driven. 

When your prospective customers look you up they should see your mission, not your corporate testimonials. The best partners and customers will share your mission. So showcase it. You shouldn’t be just selling, you should be sharing your story and your customers’ stories. 

Solve’s campaign focuses on sharing stories of our valued customers. 

It has 3 simple rules, share your story, why you want to change the narrative, and DON’T MENTION US.

3 Tips to Tell the Correct Story: 

1. Focus on Why

Check out his TEDTalk: 

2. Interview and collaborate with your customers

The best way to understand why your customers joined is to ask them. 

For us it was to change the narrative of their neighborhoods and increase social mobility. 

So we began to take videos of customers, who we have impacted. 

Video of Dominique

3. Leverage engagement data, know what content works. 

With digital, you are able to see exactly what content your customers are interacting with. Use this to your advantage. Produce what works. Kill what doesn’t. 

Helpful tools: 

  1. Google Analytics 
  2. HubSpot 

If you’d like more tips on running a social enterprise our Founder, who made the Crain’s 20 in their 20s, is on a panel:

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