Solve Raises $700,000 To Help Companies Hire Overlooked Job Seekers

Solve helps identify fragmented segments of the market, including, education, social enterprise, nonprofits, and government spaces, and then provides a comprehensive way to close these gaps, with their network platform.

A number of industries face huge challenges across the country with entry-level hiring. Oftentimes, sourcing recruitment to fill this need is left unmet. Yet, both nonprofits and job seekers are looking for opportunities just like these, however, they lack a comprehensive process in searching for, and finding them.

Solve provides a free platform for these job seekers to create a profile and find nonprofit resources, career fairs, and companies that are hiring. Currently in Chicago, the company is seeing up to 200 new profiles every week. At the same time, Solve’s unique business model has exponentially attracted partnerships with a diverse network of employers.

Founder and CEO, Matt Strauss, recently explained, “this is one of the first businesses you can see a 1:1 ratio,” in which, an increase in revenue correlates to an increase in impact.

Investors share a similar vision in how the company is able to service under-resourced communities, while also optimizing a company’s hiring process, by streamlining flow of hire-ready talents.

Tom Gimbel, founder, and CEO of recruiting firm LaSalle Network. “How (Strauss) sees the ability for corporations to work with nonprofits is unique,” says Gimbel, noting that sites like LinkedIn ignore “the more blue-collar population” of job seekers. Strauss is “bringing a for-profit mentality to a social service endeavor.”

Solve is innovating the social enterprise industry as it continues to grow nationally. After recently securing a second nationwide contract, the company will soon be expanding into 10 to 15 new cities.

“It’s time to change the narrative in Chicago,” Strauss says. “We need to see more opportunities and create ways to get people in the door.”

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